Additium is proud to present the first ever full electric Seat Belt Anchorages (SBA) Test Rig. The each day more obvious technology trend, for many actuation and servo controlled systems, is to move from Hydraulics to Electric based systems. Electric based technology brings a lot of advantages for users and, nowadays,  achievable maximum force levels and dynamic response are also comparables for many test applications.

SBA-electricThis is the case of the SBA system presented by Additium and manufactured jointly with VTI. The system is equipped with up to 9 electric servo actuators and controlled with a reliable force-displacement nested loops controller. Standard version delivers a maximum dynamic force of 30 kN at 300 mm/s , keeping a vey reasonable balance between performances, peak current consumption and system cost. Stroke is 1000 mm, more than enough for usual test samples deformations under load.

Control Software runs in real time operative system installed in the controller embedded PC. The controller includes a secondary host PC where user interface application runs, leaving the control hardware to perform the critical tasks without being affected by user application. User application is customized for “R14 type” test, and similar regulations type profiles can be easily defined and saved. But, at the same time, control software includes a “Step by Step” and a “Free-Mode” test modes completing this way a very power full and flexible Control System.

In the Reaction Frame, the actuators are fixed to movable carriers in 3 motorized horizontal beams that can be placed anywhere along 2000 mm of vertical positioning range. The minimum vertical separation between adjacent actuators is 300 mm and while minimum lateral separation is 330 mm, thus providing capability for very tight test configurations.

A Bed Frame based in structural beams profiles can be optionally included as a cost effective solution for test specimen fixing. Different sizes can be delivered to with each lab free space.

The result is a flexible, accurate, reliable and user friendly SBA Test Rig. Contact us for further information.


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