Crash Simulation Sleds

The Crash Simulation Test system is a direct catapult able to propel the guided specimen platform (sled) up to the programmed speed, and decelerate it according to the regulation required impact curves.

Propulsion can be selected between bungee cords or electric drive. Deceleration can be selected between polyurethane tubes or bending bar barrier.

  • Cost effective solution for homologation and COP tests
  • Modular, upgradable system
  • High speed accuracy: pulses predictable and repeatable
  • User friendly software
  • Pre-brake option
  • Turn-key supply, including civil work definition & supervisión
  • Integration of auxiliary equipment (DAS, high speed video, lighting, …)
  • ECE R16
  • ECE R17
  • ECE R80
  • ECE R44
  • FMVSS 213
  • Other (under request)
Standard configurations
System type Low Medium High
Deceleration 70 g 90 g 90 g
Max speed 50 km/h 65 km/h 80 km/h
Sled dimensions 1,5 x 1 m 2,0 x 1,5 m 2,5 m x 2,0
Payload 250 kg 500 kg 800 kg
Total length 23-30 m 28-35 m 35-40 m

(other requirements can be supplied under request)

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