Quasi-static Loading Systems

Seat Belt Anchorages (SBA) Test System

New version of SBA test rig based in servo-electric actuators. The system includes a reliable real time controller with specific improved algorithms and control strategies for ECE R14 and similar type profiles.

⦿ Low Maintenance

⦿ Improved Accuracy

⦿ Clean and silent operation

⦿ Optional Bed frame (different sizes)

⦿ Enlarged actuators positioning range

⦿ Straight forward and intuitive control

⦿ Optional wireless pad for remote operation

ADDITIUM has introduced for first time the use of ULTRA LIGHT high resistance chains that will improve your Seat Belt Anchorage Test Rig operation and test set up. The chains are 100% made of polymeric highest resistance fibre, providing a lot of advantages replacing traditional steel chains.

SBA Video

SBA Features

✓ ECE R14, FMVSS 210, GB14167-2013, ISOFIX…
✓ Up to 12 actuators
✓ Dynamic force of 30-50 kN at 500-300 mm/s
✓ Stroke: 800 mm
✓ Min./Max. vertical separation: 290 mm/2000 mm
✓ Min./Max. horizontal separation: 310 mm/2000 mm
✓ Motorized actuators vertical positioning

Other specifications under request


Head Restraint Performances (HRP) Test Rig

The Head Restraint Performance Test system is an electrical test bench able to evaluate structural strength and stiffness of seats, their backs, anchorages and headrest.

The heavy-duty system is a cost-efficient solution, capable of testing up to 3 seats simultaneously and independently.
The system has been designed according to the following regulations:

• FMVSS 202a, FMVSS 202

• ECE R17.10, R17, R25

• GTR 7

• EEC Dir 78/932

• GB 11550 – 2009, GB 15083 – 2019

• IS 15546

• AIS 016, AIS 023

HRPTS features

✓ Servo Electrical Actuators: Fully electrical solution
✓ Precise programable load rate control with high performances
✓ Height Retention Test included
✓ Motorized Movement range for easy placement in front of seats or vehicle section
✓ Easy-to-use control system with a powerful user-friendly software
✓ High resolution (16 bit) and high accuracy for all range of loads (torque, force)
✓ H-point laser alignment tool (Easy configuration of R-H points)
✓ Real Time Close control loop in force and position
✓ Very narrow central load station < 240mm
✓ Low maintenance required


English Version

  HRP Test System - EN

Chinese Version

  HRP Test System-CN


Roof Crush and Side Intrussion (RCSI)

The Roof Crush and Side Intrusion Test System is a combined test bench designed to evaluate the roof and side strength applying a controlled load over them.

This quasi-static test system could be equipped with electrical or hydraulic actuator.
The system has been designed according to the following regulations:

• FMVSS214

• FMVSS216a


• GB 15743

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