Full Scale Crash Test Facilities

ADDITIUM designs state-of-the-art Full Scale Crash Test Facilities to perform different type of tests:

⦿ Frontal impact
⦿ Side impact
⦿ Rear impact
⦿ Car to Car impact with different angles
⦿ Low speed / Bumper impact
⦿ Oblique test
⦿ Small overlap test
⦿ Rollover test:

– Dolly
– Embankment
– Soil / Curb trip
– Cork Screw

Turn key Supply, including :

✓ Propulsion and Guidance system

✓ Key Civil Works Design

✓ Filming Pits

✓ Movable Impact Block / Fix Impact Block

✓ Movable Deformable Barriers

✓ Auxiliary fixtures

✓ Lighting System (LED or HMI)

✓ Training


English Version

  Full Scale Crash Test-V2.5-EN

Chinese Version

  Full Scale Crash Test-V2.5-CN

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