Quality Policy

Despite its short history, the purpose of ADDITIUM has always been to increase quality of our services with the most advanced technology and the best qualified human resources, in order to reliably respond to market needs and exceed their expectations. To achieve this objective, ADDITIUM undertakes to comply with the current regulations on Quality as well as with all necessary legal requirements, without forgetting the specific requirements of our clients.

Within the company and encouraged by the Management, we work every day to improve continuously the Quality Management System with full dedication to it, being all staff involved in the search for new objectives, and providing the necessary resources to achieve them. The Board of Directors will pay special attention to training, motivation and commitment of human resources dedicated to this purpose.

The Management fosters a company culture in which each person is responsible for the quality of work carried out, through continuous improvement of processes, products and services offered, with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, improving the productivity & efficiency and reduce costs, in addition to establishing a mutual beneficial relationship with suppliers.

The quality policy will be made known and understood, and will be applied and maintained by all levels in the organization of the company.

Currently the company is in a phase of consolidation and evolution, determined by the growth achieved in recent years, thanks to the experience accumulated by the team and the knowledge of the market.

Therefore, I appeal to the ADDITIUM team to offer full support for compliance with the Quality Management System, as well as to contribute with ideas for the continuous improvement of it.

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