Multi-purpose Launchers

The Multi E-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian and component impact test. The system includes a state of the art E-Launcher, controlled by electrical linear motors technology.

There are many advantages to the user:

⦿ Better control and, therefore, much better impact speed accuracy
⦿ Higher repeatability as system is less influenced by external factors
⦿ Lower acceleration during the propulsion, protecting impact shapes from high force peaks
⦿ Clean and maintenance free
⦿ Silent operation: less acoustic noise
⦿ Compact design: less occupied space
⦿ No need of preliminary tests
⦿ Easy to operate

Possibility to work with different modules:

ADDITIUM state-of-the-art E-Launcher has the following features:

⦿ Controlled by several linear motors working in parallel
⦿ A single E-Launcher covers a wide range of energies. It is possible to test at any speed from 1 km/h to 60 km/h using the same E-Launcher
⦿ Real time speed close control loop
⦿ Long stroke to reduce the acceleration level during the propulsion
⦿ Combined with a pneumatic booster to filter the propulsion initial jerks thus removing undesired high frequency acceleration peaks from propulsion curve.
⦿ Extremely high repeatability during propulsion and guided free run of impactors making possible synchronize airbags triggering in advance of strikers release point, thus reducing necessary guided strokes and increasing impact stiffness
⦿ Compact-Highest Pushing Force Density state of the art design

Impactor Modules
Additium E-Launcher is integrated on a multifunctional frame structure, which is capable to easily interchange the following modules and perform the following test:

– Free Flight Headform
– Pedestrian Legform: EEVC, FLEX-PLI, aPLI
– Upper Legform
– Guided Headform
– Bodyblock
– Headform Pendulum
– Ejection Mitigation
– Heavy Impact forms
– Misuse: PDI, Basketball …


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