Additium is proud to announce the successful delivery of three Multi E-Launcher systems, equipped with Automatic Recovery Devices (ARD) for Pedestrian Protection test, to customers in Asia. We will be showing this technology at the upcoming Praxis Conference, which focuses on critical topics in Innovative Testing Technology for Vulnerable Road Users (VRU). We will have detailed information and videos to demonstrate its capabilities and features.
Our Multi E-Launcher systems, designed for pedestrian protection tests, component and airbag tests, are based on linear motors technology and offer many advantages to our clients. The inclusion of the Automatic Recovery Device (ARD) four years ago has become an invaluable tool, preventing free-flight impactors from suffering a second impact after the test. This safety measure is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the sensors inside the headform and legform, and avoiding any damage to the impactors, the launcher or the vehicle. The positive feedback from our clients on last years underscores the reliability and effectiveness of the ARD, making it a trusted component in our advanced testing systems and providing a reliable and effective solution for pedestrian protection tests.

Meet us at the Praxis conference, our expert will be on site to share our latest advancements and news, and to answer questions you may have. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the future of pedestrian protection technology in action!
Visit the website to obtain a pass to the conference:

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