Few days ago Additium was pleased to host at Madrid the Factory Pre-Acceptance protocol for a new Impact Energy Absorption Test Rig developed and produced by Additium for a relevant far east OEM company.

The system is able to deliver a very precise quantity of impact energy to be absorbed by the test sample. A set of ballast allows increasing the basket weight up to 1.400 kg and the computer based control system, calculates the right drop height to accurately reach target impact speed.

Delivered instrumentation includes speed meter and load cells for force registration during impact.

Energy Absortion test Rig

A comprehensive team of engineers from final user Research Lab travelled to Spain and spent 4 days at Additium installations to check all the contractual performances of the system. In words of our customer, Additium Test Rig exceeded the expectations, both in the quality of the system and on the accuracy of impact speed achieved at the numerous tests conducted.

Customer Engineers Team

After the successful pre-acceptance the System was packaged and shipped to final destination and final commissioning and training will take place in few weeks.


ADDITIUM is proud to keep growing supported in quality, good performances system and customer satisfaction.


Additium Projects Department

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