State of the art E-Launcher

The propeller designed by ADDITIUM’s technical team has become the best in class for the use on Launchers of anthropomorphic parts for full vehicle testing (Pedestrian protection test) or Interior vehicle component testing (Occupant protection).

The design is based on electrical linear motors technology, combined with mechanical and pneumatic elements, which provide a perfect controlled propulsion path in a small space (similar size than traditional pure hydraulic or pneumatic propellers). This way, the propeller can be assembled in a motorized tower support frame, thus becoming a top performances launcher.

The huge speed accuracy and repeatability of this propeller, within the high precision on the positioning before test, allow the execution of most demanding tests by international Regulations, including the launch of new aPLI, as well as the customer internal R&D tests. Therefore, this solution is a nice tool to improve the Passive Safety of the vehicles, and the low operation & maintenance costs help saving money of testing labs budget.

ADDITIUM keeps introducing innovations in all its solutions portfolio, with the aim of adding value for a safer and sustainable world.

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