In a constant search for innovation and better ways of doing things,  Additium has introduced, by first time ever, Tycan Synthetic Chains for being used as force transmission couplings between actuators and load application shapes.

Synthetic-chainsThis apparently “small change” definitively improves the SBA test set up process and we are completely sure that all labs around the world will adopt sooner or later this new revolutionary chains.

The chain, made of a high resistance polymeric fiber, are 8 times lighter than equivalent steel version. The rated  Maximum Service Load is 100 kN (10 t) with less of 3% elongation.

As a 3 meters chain only weights 1,75 kg, a single operator can easily handle the chain to prepare the test. The catenary shape can be also easily removed and therefore there is no necessity of using heavy turnbuckles to recover the available stroke of actuators for test.

The low mass of the chains also increases the global stiffness of load transmission, bringing also further benefits to the control system (not affected by heavy chain mass bouncing while test is in progress).

As a conclusion and as it has been said, there will be an “before and after” on the SBA test procedures


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