The past September 21st , Additium presented a paper at the ASEAN AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY FORUM celebrated at Bandung (Indonesia)  under the theme of “SAFER VEHICLES”

Additium´s paper title was “Test and Certification as support of Safer Vehicles”:

IMG-20150921-WA0001Abstract. When a new Safety feature or technology is introduced in the automotive market, at the same time if not even before, a parallel test framework must be developed for first evaluation of actual safety improvement and finally for certification of products. To develop cost effective, repetitive and consistent test programs is not an easy task. New technologies in the Safety of automobiles are demanding new technologies and concepts in the test systems to be used for research and certification. The increasing presence of electronics and non-contact sensors in the Active Safety requires new approaches in the test concepts and, at the same time, traditional crash test protocols must be improved with new features to combine these new ADAS.

The paper was a general overview of the new trends on safety testing and created a lot of interest in the attendants.

ASEAN countries are involved in growing investments and developments in automotive safety and Additium is proud to become part of this promising coming age.

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