ADDITIUM’s crash test labs retrofitting services are at the world’s leading level. In recent years, ADDITIUM team has carried out 5 crash laboratories upgrades, to adapt them to the latest technology and prepare them to comply with the future test Regulations. So, what are the advantages of transforming the laboratory? We’ll illustrate with a successful case of retrofitting an old facility built by another manufacturer.

Recently, a brand-new crash test laboratory was successfully completed from an old facility built more than 20 years ago. The laboratory was built by Messring, and after many years of use, the laboratory has problems of obsolescence and accuracy of test results, therefore it can no longer meet the latest test demands of their customers.

Crash test facility retrofits require a premium solution that incorporates sustainability considerations into the design process. Guaranteeing the service life and technology renewal and saving time and cost are the goals that must be achieved in the transformation. Experience plays an important role in this process.

Additium’s team can make a partial update or a complete replacement, for crash test facility systems or subsystems. The solution we provided is summarized in the following aspects:

  • Control system: improved control with modern HW and friendly use SW
  • Guidance system: Nano-Rail and Nano-Trolley
  • Propulsion system: AC motor with double close control loop
  • Filming pits: full open view

Updating an existing laboratory is always much cheaper and less time-consuming than building a new laboratory, allowing obsolete systems to be recycled and contributing to sustainable development.

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