Additium successfully delivered the latest test modules upgrade for the pedestrian protection test system to CATARC (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. In the difficult year of 2021, the completion of Additium’s new system is of great significance to China’s security testing field.

On the basis of the original testing and R&D capabilities, Additium has empowered CATARC with the ability to evaluate and test not only pedestrian protection (ECE R127, CNCAP), but also guided head test and body block test (ECE R12, GB 11557), ejection mitigation test (FMVSS 226), pendulum test (ECE R21, GB 11552) and Misuse test. The laboratory successfully passed the CNAS review and became the first automotive safety laboratory in Central China with the latest NCAP pedestrian protection R&D and testing capabilities.

Additium’s state of art E-Launcher system, based on electrical linear motor technology, brings higher technical standards: speed accuracy and repeatability ±0.05km/h, impact position accuracy ±5mm.

The flexible positioning frame system of Additium’s Multi E-Launchers have effectively reduced the testing time and R&D cost, and greatly improved the benchmarking accuracy of the model: the switching time between different modules is 8 mins and, therefore, many legform and/or headform impact tests can be performed in one day.

We are proud to contribute to the improvement of vehicle safety in China.

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