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Safety Products and Solutions

Full Scale Crash Test Facilities


Complete Crash Test Facilities for testing according frontal, side, rear, Car2Car, small overlap, rollover test protocols. Upgrade of existing facilities with customized solutions and state of the art speed control systems

Sled facilities


Crash Simulation sleds for passive safety components development or Conformity of Production (COP) tests. Different propulsion and deceleration technologies are available to match with each customer needs.

Linear Propellers and Impactors


High Technology linear propellers and most precise speed control loops integrated in flexible positioning frames for many different type of test either free flight or guided (head forms, leg-forms, body block, pendulum, knee impact, etc..)

Static and Pseudo-dynamic Test Rigs


Test Rigs with “state of the art” single or multi-axis controlled force/displacement loading devices according to specific regulations for Seat Belt Anchorage, Head Restraint systems, Seats of busses, Roof Crush, Side Intrusion, etc.


Gravity Based Impactors


Pendulum systems for Bumpers, for Truck Cabins. Energy Absorption test rigs based in gravity acceleration and linear guided impact, etc. Robust system with precise electric driven firing positioning for reaching high impact speed accuracy

Other Safety Special Test Rigs


Additium engineering capacity is able to face singular, either passive or active safety, test requirements and particular customers needs with flexibility and cost effective proposals. Feel free to ask any special test rig or requirement.



Civil Engineering and Structural Test Solutions


Shaking Tables


Single Axis or Multi-Axis shaking tables for vibration test according to industry regulations or seismic simulation. Different table sizes and number of Degrees of Freedom can be offered.

Loading and Durability Test Rigs


Systems combining stiff reaction frames design with accurate and reliable single or multi-axis servo-controller to provide flexible test solutions either for Civil Structures loading as for Industrial components homologation and fatigue test

Wind Tunnels


Open or Close circuit subsonic wind tunnels for general aerodynamic academic purposes or boundary layer studies over singular civil structures



We are pleased to announce that ADDITIUM is growing and expanding: on April 1, we have moved our headquarters to a bigger and brighter location, where we have much more space for designing and manufacturing our state of the art test systems.


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